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              Automatic quantitative flux scale

              Automatic quantitative flux scale


              ● High precision
              ● Good sanitary conditions
              ● Low maintenance cost


              Application :
              Automatic quantitative flow scale is an automatic funnel scale, which can sum discontinuous weighing;capacity range is from 12m3/h to 90m3/h.

              Performance features:
              1.Improve accuracy through technical means
              The design of MWBL automatic quantitative flow scale can achieve stable low vibration weighing.
              The weighing bucket is suspended at three points to ensure the stability of the weighing cycle.
              The quality of weighing elements is reliable, which ensures the accuracy of weighing.
              The control device adopts intelligent weighing algorithm to improve precision.
              2. Improve product purity by reducing dust
              The structure of all parts in contact with the material has been optimized to reduce the dust area in the MWBL automatic quantitative scale.
              This prevents any potential extrusion of the material flow and improves product purity.
              3.Rugged design, easy and fast maintenance
              There is no lubrication point on the quantitative scale.
              Therefore, no lubrication is required during maintenance.
              System components are easy to replace, so replacement can be done quickly and easily as required.
              High quality seals ensure maximum extension of bearing life.

              Machine Details

              Technical Specifications